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Find a Teacher

Qualified, diverse, and relevant teachers.
  • 70% state-certified or in-process
  • 70% have master's degrees
  • 44% identify as people of color
Vetted resumes. We pre-approve teachers to save you time.
Connect with your first two teachers for free.
Connect with other families for free.
All 50 states covered. All US metros served.
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Find a Teacher


Selected for Families offers professional, qualified teachers to serve the education and enrichment needs of families and learning pods. Teachers are evaluated by Selected and matched with you based on your needs and preferences.

Families and learning pods directly connect with same teachers that leading schools hire on Selected, a leading teacher-hiring platform for schools.

Contact your first two teachers for free. After the trial, plans start at $50.


What We Offer

  • Free to search pre-approved, qualified, and diverse teachers that match your preferences
  • Contact your first two teachers for free
  • Contact with other families for free
  • Free support resources to help you set up and operationalize your learning pod
  • All paid plans receive sample agreement templates: employee and contractor agreement, parent-parent agreement, and liability waiver
  • Contract agreement template to execute with teacher that outlines key terms of the proposed engagement

Our Teachers

  • On Selected for Families, teachers are experts in childhood education. They are professionally trained, qualified, and diverse classroom teachers and have been hired at leading public and private schools.
  • 70% state-certified or in the process of earning their state teacher certification
  • 70% have at least a Master’s degree
  • 44% identify as people of color
  • Are you a teacher interested in leading a learning pod or tutoring part-time? Sign up at Selected.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping you find qualified teachers to provide structured, individualized support for your children.

10% of all purchases is allocated to our grant programs that support teacher and school leader recruitment efforts at high needs PK-12 schools


Serve all 50 States

Largest metros in the U.S.
  • We serve all regions and major metro areas in the U.S.

What is Selected

Selected is a social impact company dedicated to connecting parents and schools with the most relevant, committed, and diverse educators. Selected matches employers with a pre-vetted, qualified, and diverse pool of Pre-K to 12 candidates in major metros throughout the US.

For the first time, parents have access to the same teachers on Selected for Families that leading schools hire via Selected.

Learn more about Selected, the teacher hiring platform used by schools

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Professional teachers for your learning pod
Qualified, committed, and diverse teachers sourced and curated for your family. Personalize learning and engagement at home.