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Qualified, diverse, and relevant teachers
  • 70% state-certified or in-process
  • 70% have master's degrees
  • 44% identify as people of color
Vetted resumes. We pre-approve teachers to save you time.
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Connect with qualified teachers for free.
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10% of every purchase is allocated to our grant programs that support teacher and school leader recruitment efforts at high needs PK-12 schools.
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  • It's free to view all candidates prior to connecting with them. To connect with pre-vetted teaching candidates, we offer "invite packs" starting at $50. Your first two connections are free.

    All paid plans receive sample agreement templates: employee and contractor agreement, parent-parent agreement, and liability waiver.

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Our Teachers

  • On Selected for Families, teachers are experts in childhood education. They are professionally trained, qualified, and diverse classroom teachers and have been hired at leading public and private schools.
  • 70% state-certified or in the process of earning their state teacher certification
  • 70% have at least a Master’s degree
  • 44% teachers who identify as people of color

FAQ and More



  • Can you match my family with remote or online teachers?
  • Yes. We can also match you with tutors to supplement in-school and hybrid learning. Create an account and get started.
  • Are teachers primarily interested in online or in-person instruction?
  • Most teachers are interested in both. We are committed to helping parents source structured, individualized support for their children regardless of delivery mechanism.
  • What are your fees?
  • View our pricing options to learn more.
  • Do you take a percentage of the teachers’ earnings?
  • No. 100% of what you decide to pay the teacher goes to the teacher.
  • Can you help us negotiate a rate with the teacher?
  • No, you should plan on negotiating directly with the teacher. However, we can help give you a sense of what the market looks like.
  • Is the teacher an employee of Selected?
  • No.
  • What about COVID-19?
  • We strongly recommend that you and the teacher come to mutual agreement on our provided Health and Safety Protocol template that defines health and social behavior practices and protocol during your engagement. While the risk of COVID infection cannot be eliminated during any in-person instruction arrangement, the goal is to reduce the risk significantly.
  • What if I don’t hire any of the teachers you introduce me to?
  • You can continue to use the ideal candidate profile (i.e., job description) you created on Selected in your personal search, if necessary.

    We feel confident that the teachers you’ve been introduced to will serve you either now or in the future. You may purchase additional packages to connect with more teachers.
  • Does Selected conduct background checks?
  • No.

Additional Fine Print

  • You determine and negotiate working arrangement (e.g., schedule, wages) directly with theteacher
  • You assume all responsibility of the supervising and monitoring of the teacher
  • You assume all responsibility of the health and safety of your family and children
  • The teacher is not an employee of Selected
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