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Expert learning pod advice on demand.

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Expert advice

Get personalized advice from our experienced team of Specialists who support families in their formation of learning pods. Some sample topics:
  • Learning pod formation and operations
  • Preparing and setting up your teacher search process
  • Assessing your remote learning needs
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Teacher search support

We've supported 1,200+ PK-12 schools since 2016 in teacher hiring, and we extend the same support to you.

If you want us to run the entire process of your teacher search, contact us for more information.
Learning Pod Support
Our learning pod Specialists - experienced in supporting families in their search of teachers and setup of their pods - are available at your convenience.
Sample Topics
  • Learning pod formation, logistics, and operations
  • Your teacher search and interview process
  • Health and safety protocol
  • Assessing your remote learning and education needs
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Stay updated on what families' options are in supplementing or replacing their current school instruction.