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Remote learning, instructional, and holistic support from experienced teachers and professionals.

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Professional support

Academic, instructional, and holistic support from experienced teachers and certified counselors.
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Matched to your needs

Our Specialists are matched to fit your family's education needs. Complete an assessment and get matched thereafter.

1:1 support when you need it

Receive 1:1 support as you need it, on your own time. Select an unlimited messaging plan or book an immediate 1:1 session
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1:1 Call with a Specialist
Schedule a 1:1 call with a remote learning or holistic Specialist.

$50 for 30 minutes
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Unlimited Messaging
Unlimited messaging (via e-mail) with a Specialist

$60 / week
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Weekly Bundle
Unlimited messaging with a Specialist + one weekly 1:1 video / phone call.

$100 / week
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Match with a Specialist

  • Don't know what help you may need? Complete a short needs assessment (free!) and we'll be in touch to match you with a Specialist. Contact us with any questions.

How it works

  • After we review your needs assessment, you will be matched and introduced to a Specialist to best serve your needs.
  • Complete your (free!) needs assessment
  • Get matched with a Specialist
  • Your Specialist will review your needs and be available for introductory communications
  • Select a plan and begin connecting with your Specialist.
  • You can always ask to be matched with a different Specialist

Our Specialists

  • Our remote learning Specialists are experts in childhood education, experienced teachers, and certified counselors.
  • All personally vetted by Selected and Selected for Families
  • All have Master's degrees or greater
  • All have at least 3+ years full-time working experience in teaching, coaching, or counseling
Instructional coach and counselorInstructional coach and counselorInstructional coach and counselorInstructional coach and counselorInstructional coach and counselorInstructional coach and counselor
Academic and Instructional Support
Speak to an expert. Receive consultation from our remote learning Specialists that include experts in childhood education and special education as well as master teachers and teacher coaches. Our Specialists help you identify and resolve issues related to academics, behaviors, and key developmental milestones for your child.

Based on current needs, our Specialists are focused on early childhood, middle school, and special education students.
Sample Topics
  • Strategies to help teach your child -- particularly where they are struggling or bored
  • Behavior management and engagement techniques to keep learning time as productive as possible
  • Techniques for bringing virtual learning off screen with supplemental outdoors and hands-on activities
  • Staying on track developmentally
  • Time management and motivation
  • Executive function
  • Managing your child’s individual needs
  • Bringing joy back to learning
Holistic Support
Support for non-instructional challenges. Get support from a member of our Holistic Support team. Talk through your challenges, find helpful solutions, and discover daily practices that will ease your worries and build your confidence. Available for adults and children.
Sample Topics
  • How to succeed wearing multiple hats
  • Techniques to better manage your own work responsibilities (and children)
  • Dedicated space and time to discuss personal and familial challenges that have arisen
  • Setting boundaries between your roles as parent and educator
  • Improving communication (family to school/teacher, family to child)
  • Self-care
Stay current on the "new normal"
Stay updated on what families' options are in supplementing or replacing their current school instruction.