Remote Learning: How Coaching for Parents Can Support Your Family’s Needs

November 10, 2020

Parents are struggling with managing their child(ren)’s remote learning. Since schools first went remote in the Spring of 2020, all stakeholders — schools, teachers, families, students — have been trying to figure out the best supports for virtual instruction. 

While one of the earlier solutions was learning pods, quickly rising as a new, more affordable and accessible support is remote learning and education coaching. Some may be familiar with the idea of family coaching — coaching traditionally focused on family dynamics — but family education coaching supports parents and guardians on issues stemming from remote learning, and is typically done by master teachers and education experts. At the foundation of family education coaching, Selected Specialists focus on academic and instructional challenges, as well as the ways remote learning has impacted the lives of children and adults alike.

What is Remote Learning and Education Coaching

Remote Learning and Education Coaching aims to improve academic outcomes for your child(ren) as well help you find the social-emotional support we could all use during this time. A coach or a specialist is a person that has extensive knowledge and experience in a specific area you want to improve. Generally, a specialist helps parents and guardians better understand best practices and strategies to use in order to improve academics, behaviors, and mindsets as they relate to in-home instruction. 

Like traditional family coaches, holistic specialists can also help you navigate and clarify what is at the root of challenging family dynamics associated with remote working and learning — and what is needed to help get you (and your kids) over these new hurdles. 

Why is Remote Learning and Education Coaching so important?

The teacher’s hat is clearly not a one size fits all, and being a parent at this stage of the pandemic is hard. Really hard. No matter what “Back to School” looked like this year, it’s abundantly clear that it has required a new level of support for those charged with keeping the family together: parents and guardians. 

As states across the country continue to battle COVID cases, the challenges with virtual learning and remote instruction are likely to continue. The solution now is not to create a better learning pod — it is to create a better experience for all parties involved (parents included). And family education coaching can definitely help. 

Aimed at providing parents and guardians the necessary tools to manage their child(ren)’s development, sessions with a coach or specialist can lead to:

  • Increased productivity for working families 
  • Improved academic performance of students 
  • Enhanced social-emotional development for both children and adults, and 
  • Improved parent-child (and parent-partner) relationships. 

Coaching support can be provided through 1:1 calls, e-mail, or by joining webinar sessions aimed at specific topics of interest. Ongoing communication with your coach can even be as informal as a text message — allowing you to reach out whenever a new academic or behavioral challenge presents itself.

Who Benefits from Remote Learning and Education Coaching?

Quite simply, the entire family. The benefits of working with a coach or specialist are unique to each household, and helping even one member of the family tends to result in a positive domino effect for other members. But let’s get a general idea:

Parents/Guardians as it relates to their child’s academic success:

  • Strategies to help teach your child — particularly where they are struggling, or bored
  • Behavior management and engagement techniques to keep learning time as productive as possible
  • Techniques for bringing virtual learning off screen with supplemental outdoors and hands-on activities
  • A better understanding of online learning platforms
  • A stronger sense of developmentally appropriate milestones — what you can expect of your child and when
  • Strategies to help build your child’s self-advocacy and executive functioning skills
  • Techniques to accommodate each child’s specific and/or special needs
  • And more!

Parents/Guardians as it relates to their own social-emotional well being:

  • Techniques to better manage their own work responsibilities (which often occur in the same room as their children)
  • Dedicated space and time to discuss personal and familial challenges that have risen from the pandemic
  • Shared experiences with parents/guardians in similar situations — and tried and true solutions
  • Strategies for self-care — because yes, it’s that important
  • And more!


  • Increased engagement and joy in learning
  • A way to productively voice their frustrations with virtual learning
  • Dedicated space and time to discuss challenges that have risen from remote learning
  • Guidance for older students on what’s next, including the college admissions process
  • Additional adult role models that can help tap into their motivations
  • And more!

Benefits are clearly dependent on the individual or family goals set in place, as well as how closely you are following the strategies. But it’s also clear that coaching can help with a multitude of challenges and hurdles. 

Pro Tip: Effective coaching requires a certain level of vulnerability, open communication, trust, and transparency, which are key to building and executing a successful plan. Read our coaches’ bios to find the right-fit for you and your family or take our quick baseline needs assessment and let us do the matching for you

If you’re overwhelmed with juggling work responsibilities, household activities, relationship duties, and managing your child(ren)’s remote learning, you’re not alone. And while there is no short answer in tackling everything on the never-ending to-do lists of this new “normal,” family education coaching can help. Let our coaches and specialists lift some of that burden and offer solutions that have saved many a teacher in their first years in the classroom, too. 

At Selected for Families, we strive to support your child(ren)’s education by supporting you. We want you to be the best parent-teacher you can be. You can receive coaching from our specialists — experts in childhood education, special education, holistic wellness, and so much more. 

Our network of qualified, professional teachers at Selected allows us to prepare sessions and consultations tailored to each of your family’s needs. Learn more about how to be the best parent-teacher and match with a specialist hand-picked to help you navigate the remote learning environment.

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