Education Coaching (for parents) vs. Tutoring (for students): Which Should You Choose?

November 4, 2020

In the last few months, we’ve seen a rise in alternatives to in-school education. In fact, for some families, learning pods have replaced the traditional school setting altogether. But with the high costs of hiring an in-home teacher, and compensating for benefits otherwise provided by the school, learning pods simply aren’t an option for most working families.

That doesn’t change the fact that an increase in hybrid schooling and the overwhelming shift to remote learning continues to drive the demand among parents and families for additional support. As a result, many families have considered numerous support formats to supplement their children’s education, whether student-focused (supplements directly to the student such as a tutor) or parent-focused (such as remote learning and education coaching). 

To start, let’s take a look at more familiar, even traditional forms of student-focused support:

  1. Tutoring. For support in a specific subject, many parents opt for a tutor. A tutor is an instructor who may or may not be a certified teacher, that guides an individual or a small group of students to better understand a specific subject area or skill. Typically, their goal is to drive academic results in a subject area of their expertise.

Although tutoring has helped many students with their academic performance, in times like these, there tends to be a need for support that goes beyond the academic and involves the entire family. 

  1. Learning Pods. For support or management of a school’s  curriculum, many parents have opted for a learning pod –a small learning group of students led by a certified or experienced teacher. This format allows teachers to support the students’ engagement with the entire curriculum. Learning pod teachers may be responsible for overall academic progress and socialization while the learning pod is in session— however, while the teacher may offer expertise in a subject like a tutor does, that may not be the priority of the teacher in a learning pod. For many the focus has been on managing assignment completion, while enhancing socialization and maintaining academic motivation. 

To date, most parents have opted for services directly focused on students to support academic progress, socialization, and engagement. And while student focused support can enhance your child(ren)’s remote learning experience, it may not be sufficient to fully support your family’s needs. In the midst of a pandemic and the added stressors that come with it, a broader scope of support may be necessary. 

Enter parent-focused support for remote learning—or what we call Remote Learning and Education Coaching

It’s clear that parents have always had a significant influence on their children’s education. But now, given the current environment, parents are directly involved and very likely providing instruction, academic support, or guidance on lessons and homework on a regular basis (i.e. daily and often as an interruption to their work from home responsibilities). In contrast to tutoring (primarily focused on the student and subject matter) remote learning and education coaching offers personalized support for a different audience: parents and guardians.

Education and remote learning coaches offer a complete, developed understanding of what skills and strategies work to improve teaching capacities in parents and enhance the overall experience with remote learning—for children and adults alike.

Coaches help parents and guardians identify and resolve issues related to academics, behaviors, and key developmental milestones for their children. Besides academic support, where applicable and desired, education coaches provide strategies for interpersonal communication, social-emotional wellbeing, and behavior management—creating a positive impact on the whole family.

Coaching through Selected for Families offers 1:1 coaching services with the goal of creating a better experience for families who are not looking to hire private teachers, but desire remote learning support. 
While remote learning will always pose its challenges, you can regain a sense of control with the help of remote learning specialists. 1:1 coaching and group sessions on trending topics help parents and guardians obtain the necessary tools to guide their children’s education by increasing overall productivity (for both parents and children), enhancing academic performance, improving social-emotional skills, and strengthening parent-child relationships. In short – work with education and remote learning specialists can take the weight off your parent-teacher shoulders.

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